Launch and easily manage your web content and services, all from a single infrastructure.
Reduce your production costs while improving the quality of service.
Enjoy the freedom of evolving with open-source solutions, which are both reversible and highly customizable.
  • Drupal offers a free, open source, API & Mobile first and responsive PHP site factory architecture.
  • Liferay, designed for Java ecosystems, meets complex functional requirements with a high level of performance.
  • For a highly personalized user experience, opt for a headless architecture, with a Drupal or Liferay back-office dissociated from an Angular, React or VueJS front-office.

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Our Approach

  • Optimized

    • Pooling of resources
    • Reduction of the time needed to create a new site
    • Automation of deployments
    • Automatic replication of patches on all sites
  • Interoperable

    • Centralized Dashboard
    • Connection to CRM, PIM, DAM, etc. 
    • Centralized management of contributions and translations
  • Scalable

    • Separation of Frontend and Backend
    • Global setting for functionalities
    • UI customization
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"Liferay has become the center of gravity for web communication in the Strasbourg Eurometropolis"

Project Director

Want to know more?

Contact Benjamin, who manages our Web Factory offer.

Benjamin BINI
Manager of the Web Factory offer
Benjamin BINI
Benjamin BINI
Manager of the Web Factory offer