Our group is:
  • A sustainable project, built over 40 years with loyal clients and stable teams.
  • 100% employee shareholding, a guarantee of independence, involvement and reasoned growth.
  • A horizontal management style that is rooted in the business and that values initiative and autonomy.
Example Text
93 M$ CA
of turnover in 2023
years of experience
Offices ACross 3 countries

3 Key Values

  • Trust

    We trust our employees to deliver a quick and reliable service to our clients, thus creating a partnership based on transparency and loyalty.

  • Independence

    Our independence gives us full control of our choices: a reasonable and sustainable development, the fulfilment of our employees and the quality of the services provided to our clients and users.

  • Initiative

    Our horizontal organization structure encourages initiative from our employees, allowing our indivdiual offices to develop and create new offers around them.

A Sustainable Adventure

  • 1980 · 2000

    1980 • Created in Lyon
    1993 • Grenoble office
    1997 • Paris office

  • 2000 · 2010

    Surpassed 100 employees 
    2001 • Strasbourg office
    2001 • Service Center
    2001 • Managed IT Services offer

  • 2010 · 2016

    Surpassed 200 employees 
    2016 • Mobile Apps offer
    2016 • GeoData offer 

  • 2017 · 2020

    Surpassed 400 employees 
    2017 • Aix-Marseille office
    2019 • Chambéry office
    2019 • ServiceDesign offer
    2020 • Bordeaux office

  • 2021 · 2024

    Surpassed 800 employees 
    2021 • Nantes office
    2022 • Oujda office
    2022 • Montreal office
    2023 • Lille office

Our Commitments

  • Work-Life Balance

    Remote working, flexible hours, the freedom to disconnect on a moment’s notice... We are committed to keeping the work-life balance of our employees.

  • Gender Equality

    Salaries, raises, responsibilities... We are committed to equality no matter the career path.

  • Green IT

    By signing the Responsible Digital Charter, we are committed to a process of policy reviews and continuous improvement of our ecological footprint.

  • Disability

    In both our recruitment strategy and our acquisitions, we promote the inclusion of workers with disabilities  

Working at Sully

  • Work-Life Balance

    • 6 weeks of holiday
    • The possibility of remote working
    • Schedules adapted to your personal situation
  • Benefits

    • Profit-sharing bonus
    • Incentive bonus
    • Holiday bonus
    • Transportation costs
    • Luncheon vouchers
    • Company mutual insurance
  • Your Place at Sully

    • Integration programs
    • Training plans
    • A local management team that listens to you
    • An incubator to support your projects
  • Have a disability?

    • All our job offers are open to people with disabilities.
    • Special consideration will be given to people with disabilities, provided they have the same skill sets.
What our teammates have to say

"Sully's success depends on the success of his collaborators"

Agile Test Engineer in Bordeaux
Our ambition
Our performance indicator is measured by
how easy it is for us to work together:
employees, clients and partners alike