Geo Data, or geographic data, are used by everyone every day: locating a store, finding the shortest route, checking an air quality map... GIS (Geographic Information Systems) can be used to showcase the value of this data in various fields of activity: asset or network management, geomarketing, landscaping, risk analysis, crisis management, transport and routes...

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Our Approach

The challenge is to extract your data in order to use all the information it contains: 

  • What is the geometric shape of the data? Is it a point? A line? A polygon?  
  • What is the description of this data? Is it a hotel, a house? A one-lane road or a highway? 
  • What other data is it related to? Which municipalities border mine? Is my house located in a flood risk zone? 

At Sully Group, we take up this challenge every day with a team of more than 25 employees specialized in Geomatics. This allows us to provide services covering:

  • Engineering with the integration of multi-support and multi-technology GIS solutions
  • Consulting and assistance: MOE, MOA and TRA
  • Research and development through testing, experimentation and technology watch phases
  • Training and support to users
  • Administration of webservices and geographic processing chains, as well as metadata management 
  • Cartographic production for the realization of maps, spatial and statistical analyses
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"Our collaborators are true specialists in geographic information systems!"

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Contact Lucile, who manages our Geo Data offer.

Manager of the Geo Data offer.
Manager of the Geo Data offer.