"Our values have always been those that underpin the principles of corporate social responsibility."

Respect for people and their rights, listening, team spirit, promotion of initiative, sharing of responsibilities... For many years, Sully has been implementing a global policy in terms of CSR. Today, our CSR governance relies on about fifteen people: a working group, thematic referents and relays in each office.

Elsa BLAHAY • CSR Manager

EcoVadis awarded us its silver medal for our overall CSR approach, with a score of 66/100. 
We are in the top 7% of companies evaluated by EcoVadis in our sector of activity. 
gender equality
index (details)
25 nationalities
in our workforce
Top 7%
of companies evaluated
by EcoVadis
deDicated working groups:
CSR, Disability, green IT

Our Environmental Commitments

  • Our Actions

  • Optimizing Our Resources

    • Purchase of sustainable hardware (RAM, CPU, maintenance and repair...)
    • Massive decommissioning of our digital resources in regards to Data Protection
    • Rationalization of our servers (virtualization, consolidation, remote control)
  • Eco-designing Our Projects

    • Eco-design working group
    • Systematization of UX and functional expertise
    • Compliance with RGESN, RGAA, RGPD, RGI, RGS standards
    • Best practices in technical design
  • Reduce, Reuse, Recycle

    • Digitalizing adminstrative processes 
    • Recycling of our electrical and electronic equipment (WEEE) in partnership with CONIBI
    • Selective recycling in partnership with ELISE
    • Circular economy: sales and donations

Our Social Commitments

  • Commitments

    • Disability and Harassment Liaisons
    • Annual social report
    • Approximately 30 Work Council meetings per year
  • Skill Development

    • Annual interviews
    • Annual training plan
    • Professional and geographical mobility
  • Employment of People with Disabilities

    • Disability action plan with Agefiph
    • Awareness and promotion of the RQTH
    • CESU Handicap
    • Voluntary recruitment policy
    • Accessibility of our premises and proximity to public transport
  • Gender Equality

    • 88/100 Gender Equality Index (detail)
    • Salaries, raises, responsibilities… We are committed to equality throughout your career
  • Quality of Life at Work

    • 6 weeks of paid time off
    • The possibility of remote working
    • Schedules adapted to your personal situation
    • Right to disconnect

Our Economic Commitments

  • Ethics & Transparency

    • Biannual office meetings
    • Ethics and Business Conduct Charter
    • ISO9001 certification
  • Eco-responsible Purchasing

    • Approved suppliers
    • Purchases from inclusive companies
    • Responsible Purchasing Charter
  • Growing the Group in a Reasonable, Sustainable and Intrapreneurial Manner

    • 100% employee-owned capital share
    • Sully Group incubator for the internal development of new offers and offices