October 17, 2023
Sully takes part in SIG 2023
Sully Group has built its GIS (Geographic Information Systems) expertise around numerous application projects.

We are experts in Esri products and have been an official partner since 2017.
As such, we took part in the SIG 2023 trade show, which is being held remotely from 09 to 13 October 2023.

Our GeoData team was well represented at this exhibition dedicated to the uses of Geo and the Geographic dimension to present our GIS offer. 
We also gave a presentation at the ESRI conferences with our customer Axione, entitled "GFIELD: Application ecosystem for FFTH deployment", the subject of which was the GFIELD application. The replay is available here.

Our colleague Arthur GENET, GIS Web Developer, took up the challenge by taking part in "The Stars of Geo". This is a game hosted by Julien LEPERS to test your geographical and GIS skills in a fun atmosphere.

They agreed to answer a few questions to help us relive the event:

What is the SIG show?

The ESRI GIS Exhibition is the annual French-speaking conference for all users and integrators of solutions published by Esri.

What is the purpose of Sully's presence at this show?

This show is an opportunity for Esri France to present the latest products, to highlight the implementation of its products through presentations by its customers and integrators. As such, Sully Group participates in the Esri show in order to share its knowledge within the GIS community. This event is an opportunity to demonstrate our know-how and to discuss with our future customers about their needs in the GIS field. We are ready for the 2024 edition!

Arthur, you has animated a demonstration theater, can you tell us more?

I've been working on the GField project for 1 year as part of an assignment for Axione, a company rolling out fibre in France.
The aim of the conference was to present our project, which consists of a web application and several mobile applications that allow you to follow the fibre roll-out work. 
I was able to explain the technical operation of the applications, in particular how we use ArcGIS Server, as well as current developments. 
I'm very pleased to have been able to talk about GField at the Esri conferences; the project has been a real success. 
And the GField project still has a bright future ahead of it, as new requirements for operating the network and guaranteeing its quality will see the applications evolve!

Arthur, how was "Les Stars de la Géo" ?

I had a great time during the filming of the programme, which was very well organised by Esri.
It was very interesting to see the recording studios and meet the technical teams.

The game itself consisted of answering questions about geography.
We went in teams of 4 and Julien LEPERS, always an excellent and friendly presenter, read us his questions which we had to answer as quickly as possible by pressing a buzzer.
The afternoon of filming went very smoothly, and it was a great experience!