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GeoData : RATP & Sully Group, 6 years of successful collaboration

News • Réalisations • October 25, 2022
Cross interview between Marine VESTON, Head of repositories of the RATP infrastructure manager, and Lucile CHOMAZ, Head of our GeoData offer. They testify to the collaboration between our two companies. The RATP has entrusted Sully Group with the management of GIS applications. Sully intervenes in the design and maintenance of applications that are used daily by Marine's employees. Our geomatics experts ensure a technological watch to propose solutions to the 3D and BIM needs of the RATP. What works in this partnership, for Marine: "It's the expertise and availability"! Find the full video interview between Lucile CHOMAZ and Marine VESTON below:  

StrasApp: The daily companion of the inhabitants of Strasbourg

News • Réalisations • May 24, 2022

A site factory for the Eurometropole of Strasbourg

News • Réalisations • January 15, 2022
"We immediately saw the potential and the ease of use. Jean-Sébastien BARTOS, Web Project Manager at the Eurometropole of Strasbourg. Since 2013, Sully Group has been supporting the Eurometropole of Strasbourg on its Liferay site factory. Liferay is a set of open source Java portal solutions: content management, social collaboration, B2B online commerce...  At the Liferay 2020 Symposium, we were proud to share our experience with the EMS. We offered a conference hosted by 5 speakers, whose video you can view below.   Thanks to : Jean-Sébastien BARTOS, Web Project Manager - EMS Philippe RAFANOT, Digital Project Manager - EMS Rémy CABARET, Web Administrator - EMS Benjamin BINI, Project Director - Sully Christophe GOUDEY, TMA Project Manager - Sully Learn more about our Web Factory offer  

Improve managerial skills with theWEbox

News • Réalisations • January 17, 2022
Charles KELLER, Managing Director and co-founder of laWEbox, shares his testimony on his collaboration with Sully Group. In 2020, laWEbox entrusted the development of its application to the Sully Group teams. CEO and co-founder of the company, Charles KELLER explains this choice by the need for a lasting partnership "for the future evolutions of our platform". "Controlling budgets, keeping schedules, quality of deliverables...", we are delighted to have been able to meet the expectations of the WEbox. Find the full testimony of Charles KELLER in the video below: