January 7, 2022
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Charline's testimony, Application Manager

Curious, rigorous and available, she is a computer engineer specialized in the medical field. A strength when she exchanges with health specialists, because she is able to popularize what she says and deliver it effectively to the project team.

Charline, what is Santé Publique France?

Santé Publique France is in charge, under the direction of the Ministry of Health, of monitoring, prevention and health promotion. The National Public Health Agency must be reactive to meet its obligations to inform and implement action, but also to propose innovative, realistic and sustainable solutions.

In a context of global health crisis, our support has been strongly impacted.

What does Sully do for Santé Publique France?

With the COVID-19 crisis, we have delivered, in record time, 3 specific applications at the heart of the activity management and decision making of Santé Publique France. We are particularly proud to have successfully met this challenge.

Sully Group has shown an optimal reactivity, an increased availability and an imperative adaptation to the urgency of the needs. 

What is the specificity of this project?

We follow the client's news through the media. It has been our daily routine for several months. We know exactly what it's all about, since we are concerned ourselves. We handle strategic data, so we have a special interest in these national issues.

The applications developed meet high availability and performance requirements. These are strategic issues that Sully must take care of. For Santé Publique France, we have set up on-call services to ensure an optimal level of service. 

What are the applications we develop for?

These are applications without graphical interfaces, their functioning is based on data (SQL language). 

We provide an important work on the management of the databases, the research of anomalies, the explanations of these. We receive the data, we process them through the applications and we edit the desired indicators (aggregated tables). We then make them available to Santé Publique France for their statistics and communications. 

Confidentiality and security are central to our work. We handle highly sensitive data. These data are anonymized and pseudonymized. All employees are subject to strict measures, in particular to comply with the RGPD.

And when the news is quieter?

Since the applications were designed in a short time, we are now focusing on making the necessary changes to ensure that they remain in operational condition. We must also think about the "after" and ask ourselves what interest they may have for other needs. Yesterday's objectives are no longer the same as tomorrow's. The context and data are changing rapidly, so anticipation is an imperative state of mind to take into account.

What is the relationship with Santé Publique France?

Sully is a source of proposals for Santé Publique France. We are regularly solicited on new needs. We help them to translate them functionally and technically, and seek to optimize them thanks to our expertise and experience.

Sully works very closely with the client. We exchange frequently, we think and work together. This is based on transparent and constructive communication to move in the right direction.

To this end, we integrate the implementation team into the project as much as possible. For example, the developers are invited to the monitoring committees, which allows us to be reactive, because the decisions and actions to be implemented are known by all.

What are your days like?

No two days are alike with Santé Publique France! We deal with different subjects every day, which is what makes this project particularly attractive and dynamic.

What is our organization?

A rather tight team with a Parisian front office (to be able to go quickly to the client if necessary), plus back office teams in the provinces.

The organization set up at Sully is solid, we can count on each other. There is a real synergy, cohesion and it is rewarding to work in this mutual trust. Yes, it is possible even at a distance!

During absences, we set up back-ups, everyone knows what he has to do, the customer is never forgotten.