Team Life
May 27, 2022
Oussama, Head of the agency, tells us about his project.
What is your background, Oussama?

I grew up in Oujda. I did the first part of my higher education there, in application engineering. 

I continued my studies in France, in Lyon, with a master in computer science and project management. That's where I joined Sully Group, as a Java web developer - trainee, then alternating.

I was quickly able to evolve towards the functions of application manager and project manager.

The project is the fruit of 2 desires:

  • I wanted to return to Morocco, to my family, and to participate in the economic development of my region.
  • I also wanted to stay at Sully, within a team that trusts me and with which I feel good.

That's how the idea of creating an agency in Oujda was born. Sully encourages intrapreneurship and the initiatives of its employees. Our incubator allows us to develop new ideas and new locations.

An agency in Morocco is a new adventure for Sully?

Yes, this is our first agency outside of France. It is an opportunity to open up to the international market and to establish ourselves in a region in full development.

It is also a way for Sully to access new talent: Oujda is a city of 500,000 inhabitants with a large university.

What are your goals for this first year?

We have 4 main objectives:

  • Create the agency and its identity around a core of passionate experts.
  • Implement Sully's working methods within the teams and develop synergies with France.
  • To manage the production with the quality requirements of the group.
  • Finally, to make this first international experience a success serving as a model for the group's future development.
Who are you looking for to build your team?

We are looking for experienced developers and technical leads, in PHP and Java.

I want to grow our project around enthusiastic, rigorous people, capable of initiative and liking to work in a team.

A word for the end?

We have everything we need to succeed in this adventure: a group that knows how to trust its employees and support them in their ambitions, a project leader who knows the region well, and... your talent!

Join us!