Team Life
October 11, 2021
Water mirror of Nantes where buildings are reflected
Sully Group is pleased to announce the opening of an agency in Nantes.

Frédéric, Head of the agency, tells us about his project.

What is your background, Fred?

Coming from the faculty of sciences in Nantes, I started my career as a developer. Very quickly, I took charge of the projects I was working on, and I had the chance to integrate one of the biggest transformation programs of the DGFIP, which I managed for 4 years. 

I then took the operational responsibility of the Infrastructure and Production department of SODIFRANCE. In 4 years, we went from 35 to more than 80 employees, in the sectors of banking, insurance and industry in Brittany. 

In 2015, I joined SIGMA to accelerate the development of outsourcing. At the same time, I also took responsibility for the Health Sector.

Loving the challenge, I have just proudly joined Sully to create and develop the Nantes agency.

What made you decide to start a Sully agency?

I have been living in Nantes for more than 40 years, and I have been working there for nearly 20 years, in the IT sector. 

Sully is about values: respect of the collaborators, trust, collaboration, technical teams always present to help you. And also some phrases such as "The most important thing is that our customer is satisfied and our employees are fulfilled", "Don't worry, we will put the means and find the solutions"... 

It's really good to find the taste for work and the desire to work together again, especially in the case of an agency creation.

You know Nantes well, what can Sully bring to the metropolis?

The greatest contribution is to the employees in Nantes. Everything is done for their well-being. For example, Sully has proposed a telecommuting agreement of 2 days per week, as early as 2018, well before the COVID... On the other hand, it is for them the opportunity to work on the large-scale projects of our CDS from Nantes.

As for our customers, Sully has the capacity to respond very quickly both in terms of resources and managed commitments (fixed price, skills center, agile...).

Finally, Nantes and its metropolitan area have a significant need to accelerate the development of Mobility. The Sully Mobility CDS is a real tool for our city, the first example being our project with

Your goals for this first year?

To be an agency of 15 employees by the end of 2022, working for major accounts in Nantes and Angers, as well as for fast-growing ETIs. 

For the employees, to create a group dynamic, so that they meet regularly to share their activities and their difficulties, whatever their job.

A word to finish?

Come and share, on the island of Nantes, your stories, knowledge, experiences... Together and for all: customers, employees and users.