January 18, 2022
Two people from the back working at their desk
Since 2018, Sully Group has been providing outsourced IT infrastructure monitoring services of all sizes.

From the lowest layers to the middleware, the Delivery Control Room monitors and maintains the equipment in the data centers and remote sites in operational condition.

An adapted organization

The team is made up of 3 divisions: 

  • Management: 14 operating pilots take turns in teams of 2, in order to ensure hourly coverage on a 5x8 24/7 schedule covering an international perimeter. The team handles all supervisory alerts and resolves them by following detailed operating procedures. 
  • Analysis: 2 operational analysts ensure the quality of delivery and analysis of the work done in the previous days and prepare the next ones. They also report back information and highlights via daily reporting.
  • Supervision : The team leader is present during the day to lead and manage the overall team. He is also the main contact on the client side to communicate information via monthly steering committees.

Commitments to the customer

Sully Group is committed to its customers to ensure the supervision and the MCO of the infrastructures throughout the year with a maximum reactivity. Service Level Agreements (SLA) are set up to measure the availability of teams and the time taken to respond to alerts on a monthly basis.

Customized tools 

DCR can rely on the supervision and reporting tools of its customers, but also has specialized tools hosted internally and based on market-leading technologies.

Supervision, but not only!

If the supervision of the infrastructures is the main mission of the DCR, we propose in addition other services to relieve the teams of higher levels such as: application deliveries, maintenance tasks in HNO (non working hours), security campaigns...

A springboard for pilots

The job of operations pilot offers our employees a very broad vision of the IT infrastructure business. Whether they are young graduates or people who are changing careers, pilots quickly identify the technical field in which they wish to develop. On average, pilots gain skills over a period of 3 years within the team before moving on to system and network administration.

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