January 8, 2022
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Electric pylons at the edge of a water body

Lucile CHOMAZ, in charge of Sully Group's GeoData offer, tells us about this mutually fruitful collaboration.

Since 2017, RTE has entrusted Sully Group with the development of its new Geographic Information System (GIS).

RTE transports electricity between European suppliers and consumers: 

  • Network management: 105,000 km of lines between 45,000 and 400,000 volts, 50 cross-border lines to 33 European countries
  • Management of the balance between production and consumption, electricity being difficult to store
  • Prospects for the electrical network, in particular with the reception of renewable energies and the lighting of public decisions
Lucile, what are the missions we carry out in the framework of this collaboration with RTE?

In 2017, RTE entrusted Sully Group with the development of its new Geographic Information System (GIS). The objective was to extend and renovate the tools, in order to better manage access to heritage and environmental geographic data.

What is at stake?

One of the main objectives is to democratize the use of cartography by providing all RTE personnel, experts or not, with easy-to-use cartographic production functions.

How is the project organized?

The project, carried out according to the Agile methodology, is divided into several applications constituting an integrated solution:

  • A Web application: EasyGeo Web
  • A mobile tablet application CARTEM Windows 
  • An application for iOS
Any prospects?

Since the end of the implementation phase in 2019, Sully Group now provides Third Party Application Maintenance: from user support to the development of new features. For example, the Cartem application for Windows now offers a module to assist helicopter navigation by indicating in real time the proximity of no-fly zones.