March 9, 2022
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The Filière Presse portal is a strategic application for the press sector.

The testimony of Françoise and Sophie, our functional consultants on this project.

It is a unique and common portal that allows to manage more than 20,000 broadcasters. 

The application requires high levels of performance and availability (especially with peaks in traffic). As well as a solid network of interfaces, since it communicates, imperatively, with the actors of the press sector.

One of the particularities of this project is the trio management: France Messagerie + Messageries Lyonnaises de Presse + Sully Group.

Françoise and Sophie, the organization of the project is new for you ?

It is indeed a first for us to carry out a mission with two clients. We had to get to know each other, because we had never worked together before. We established the codes, the ways of communicating, the organization and all that, in three. With the additional particularity of reconciling the objectives of our two clients, which were not necessarily identical!

This stage of getting to know each other requires a lot of energy. Sully's role takes on its full meaning: to accompany, arbitrate and stand by its clients.

It wasn't immediate, but as the weeks went by, we found a way of working that suited us all. We have created an environment conducive to synergy and creativity in order to move forward in the same direction.

What is your role as a functional consultant?

Today, our work is mainly focused on functional and technical specifications. PFP is a very demanding client, as its needs are quite clear. However, thanks to the workshops, we managed to challenge their specifications, by identifying additional functionalities. 

We adapted our usual specification model to meet our client's expectations in detail and with precision. This allowed us to reassure them of our good mastery of their business domain. 

What does it mean to work together?

Sully has chosen to mobilize two functional designers, and we think this is a real strength for this project. We divide the work between us in a fairly natural way, we communicate regularly and move forward together, in good understanding. Being in a duo allows us to take a step back. We can count on each other when we need a particular opinion or when we have a doubt. This sometimes unblocks situations.

Involving two functional staff, which is rather rare, is also a response from Sully to enhance the client's needs. We get to the heart of their business, of their functionalities so as not to miss anything and to offer an application that is as close as possible to the users' expectations.

Were you also supported by a UX/UI designer?

It is indeed important to underline the work of our UX/UI designer Yoann AGERON. The mock-ups proposed during the functional workshops are a precious help to project ourselves in the application. They move the project forward. They facilitate reactions, adjustments and choices. And finally, they make the specifications more relevant. Everyone wins:

  • Optimization of the design time
  • Reduction of risks
  • Significant reduction of returns