Team Life
January 24, 2024
Kimly CHAO Agency Director Sully Group Montreal
Kimly CHAO talks to us about her career and her project
What is your background like, Kimly?

I did my studies at Université de Sherbrooke in communication and international relations. 
Then I worked in Montreal at Hill and Knowlton Strategies, a public relations consultancy with 80 offices in 30 countries whose headquarters is in New York.
After, I was in charge of the sales department for the North American branch of the international group DiliTrust, a publisher and integrator of business software.

What drives you in this new adventure?

With DiliTrust, I've had the opportunity to be part of a great story as Head of the Canadian sales team: over 12 years, we went from 5 clients to over 300 in Canada and Quebec.
I'm excited to be part of another “success story” with Sully Group!

What does Sully have to offer to Canadian companies?

Sully Canada Inc. provides Canadian and Quebec companies support with IT services, technical assistance, and the expertise of their Service Center: Business Applications, Mobile Applications, Cloud, Web, GeoData, UX/UI... Our teams offer a local service closer to their clients.

What are your goals?

I'm aiming to acquire new clients in Montreal and sign on new logos for 2024. 
I recently planned the first meetings with our future partners in Quebec, in the industry of banking, energy and public organizations...

Any final words?

Looking forward to working with you on future projects!