May 4, 2022
During our last audit in March 2022, we noted "the continuous improvement of the management system and its performance".

Philippe, our Quality Manager, tells us all about our quality system.

Who are you Philippe? Your background, your missions, what drives you?

With an engineering background, I joined Sully Group as a Developer. I evolved as a Project Manager, then as a Consultant. Today, I work with clients, mainly in project management.
At the same time, I joined the Quality Unit, first as an Auditor and then as Quality Manager.
For me, the dimension of pleasure in work, of joy even - let's not be afraid of words - is essential. This does not mean that it is easy!
The two vectors of these emotions will be :

  1. Human encounters.
  2. The intellectual challenges of my consulting or auditing missions.
What is the purpose of quality?

What is the purpose of quality? Let's be simple, first of all to sell: ISO certification, for many of our markets, is a requirement and an asset.
But it is also : 

  • A cement of the company culture : By formalizing the know-how, by spreading it, by ensuring that the practices are known and common, we leave a craft and individual mode to enter an engineering universe. This is also a factor in the integration of newcomers and their development of skills.
  • A "customer orientation": The implementation of pre-established and systematic activities provides confidence, the guarantee that the product meets the expressed or implicit needs of the customer.
Why certification?

Sully Group is certified ISO 9001 on its production perimeter (Project, TMA, ATE...), but also its commercial processes, the management of its IS, its internal audits. 
This certification is often a customer requirement. Indeed, it ensures that, whatever the teams associated with a mission, good production practices, but also security, commercial monitoring and governance, will be implemented. It ensures, therefore it reassures.
Certification, carried out during audits by an organization external to Sully Group, can be seen as impartial proof of the mastery of the various processes.

How does the ISO 9001 certification work?

The certification is valid for 3 years, after which it is renewed by a new auditor from an authorized body (AFNOR, BVQI...).
At the beginning of this cycle, a first audit covers the entire certified perimeter. Then, 2 renewal audits confirm the maintenance and evolution of good quality practices.
The audit is done in situ, i.e. within the different agencies, by sampling the processes. For example: selection of several projects and TMA, verification of the compliance of our quality system and its effective implementation with the requirements of the standard.

What are our strengths?

The strong points noted by the AFNOR auditor during the last audit are the following:

  • The management of projects, as it appears through the minutes of the Project Committee and Monitoring Committee. I think that this strong point is a real asset. Indeed, I regularly intervene as a consultant on projects in difficulty. And from experience, the most frequent cause of project failure is related to governance and not to technical problems: communication, identification and implementation of responsibilities, management anticipation. Our strength at this level is a guarantee of success.
  • The traceability and the tooling of the production processes (Project, TMA). 
  • The synergy established between the different processes. For example, regular meetings between sales, human resources and project managers to identify needs, available resources and our ability to respond with confidence to a customer request.
A little word for the end? An anecdote ?

The auditor is not a specialist in the fields he audits. His role, through a series of interviews, is to understand how it works... or doesn't work! With the help of the experts, he will model our know-how, identify the roles, the tools, question the relevance of such or such practice and finally propose, if necessary, a corrective or preventive action, either on the audited object, or on our quality system. In this sense, the work around quality is above all the meeting of people who are passionate about their profession and who want not only effectiveness but also efficiency. Each of our employees is therefore a quality player.
A little anecdote? During an external audit in a particular context, the auditor was working on a project related to pharmaceutical products. Speaking only English, he asked us if we had samples of "Drug product", meaning medicines.  Our collaborator Sully Group hastens to answer that nobody here takes drugs... Phew!