January 6, 2022
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The testimony of Emmanuel, Project Director, and Cédric, Agile Leader

The Ministry of Ecological Transition has entrusted Sully Group with the redesign of its application for financing social housing and APL.

Emmanuel, what is the purpose of the SIAP application?

SIAP stands for Système d'information des aides à la pierre. It is a web application that allows the Ministry of Ecological Transition to manage applications for social housing funding and APL agreement.

In 2020, the State began the process of simplifying applications, which means overhauling the existing application.


This mission was entrusted to Sully?

Yes! In 2017, we had already collaborated with the Ministry, which had trusted a "small national ESN" against reputable competitors. The project was a great success.

For this new tender, we proposed:

  • A design demonstrating our good understanding of the need, thanks to models co-created by our design team, our UX/UI studio and our technical team.
  • An organization very close to our previous support, and therefore reassuring. 
One of the main challenges: delivery in March 2023. How will Sully meet this challenge?

Indeed, there is an incompressible time target. If we don't meet our commitment, the project will be postponed for a year.

We chose to implement a hybrid approach between a classic and agile methodology. We set up iterative cycles of 6 weeks. 


This organization, which is relatively innovative for the department, allows us to deliver the application little by little. We can adjust what has been done before in the course of the cycles and thus respond efficiently to the needs of the users.

Cédric, you are an agile coach at Sully, what do you think of this type of organization?

The agile mode is demanding and does not apply everywhere. It is better to create an environment that meets the demands of the client and the implementation team, than to try to implement an agile organization like SCRUM at any cost. That's why we propose alternatives with agile practices introduced in classical processes.

The principle of a regular cycle with continuous deliveries is fully inspired by agile methods, such as the "ceremonies" set up:

  • Daily meeting: An internal synchronization point of less than 15 minutes on the previous day's events and the day's missions.
  • Reviews: At the end of each cycle, the Sully team performs a demonstration of the application built over the 6 weeks in order to get feedback from users and to update the backlog.
  • Retrospectives: At the request of the team, assessment of what worked well, difficulties encountered and areas for improvement. The notion of continuous progress is a key element in agility.
Emmanuel, any final words?

The business of social assistance is strategic, politically charged and sometimes delicate to deal with. 

And through it, we feel we are contributing to a cause of national interest, in line with Sully's values.