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A return to employment thanks to Numéric Emploi and Sully

December 13, 2021
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All talents have their place at Sully Group

At the end of 2021, we joined the association Numéric Emploi Grand Est which offers a support system for people looking for a job or a retraining in the digital industry.

Thibaut PALMA, developer, joined the PHP team of the Strasbourg agency thanks to this collaboration. He agreed to answer a few questions and tell us about his experience with Numéric Emploi Grand Est (a testimonial that you can find in video).

Hello Thibaut, what was your career path before you met Numéric Emploi Grand Est?

In 2007, I switched to IT after my studies in the audiovisual field. I became a system and network administrator in the IT department of a French multinational and then a project manager in IT development.

I left my former company having realized that being a project manager was not for me. I decided to reorient myself once again, this time in a very similar field: development. I have always "known" how to develop, as computers have always been a passion for me, but it wasn't until I was 38 years old that I realized I could make it my profession.

So I started to train myself, first in a general way, then more specifically despite the context of the pandemic and its difficulties. I trained on PHP, a language that I knew well, including professionally, since I had developed several applications and could justify an experience. The only problem was that by the time I could do all this, it had been almost 3 years since my previous job, and it was becoming vital to find a job, as I was almost at the end of my resources. This pressure made me royally fail every interview I got.

How did your support with Numéric Emploi Grand Est go? 

I was desperate to find a job that would give a chance to an atypical profile like mine. And I was simply desperate to find a developer position. While visiting a digital job fair, I signed up for a "career guidance session" that was offered.

The session was an interview with a digital professional giving various advice in "digital retraining". Following this exchange, a nudge message on LinkedIn was posted and the next day, Elodie in charge of business at Sully Group contacted me for the position I was waiting for. One week and three interviews later, I was hired!

What is your feeling within Sully Group since your integration? 

The dream! I'm finally doing a job that I really like, I'm learning every day and I'm proud to work here. I really feel at home in Sully!