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Strasbourg is on fire!

Agency Life
September 12, 2022

Thursday, September 8, was the occasion for the Strasbourg agency to meet and celebrate the start of the new school year together! 

The agency evening took place in a friendly atmosphere with a little Provencal air. 
After many shots, to reward our petanquists, tasty flambéed tarts were to be shared! 
Thanks to the BPCO association of Oberschaeffolsheim for the organization of the pétanque tournament and Les Flambées Tradition for the gourmet meal.

Celebrating the recovery together, this is what delighted Élodie PERREAUT, Business Engineer: "It is always nice to get together, especially after the summer period. Even if my level of petanque is not exceptional, the good atmosphere and the tarts flambées allowed us to spend a very nice evening. In addition, we were lucky enough to have new employees with us, so they were able to discover the Sully atmosphere and for us to get to know them better."

For Marie LEHMANN, Recruitment Officer, the evening was very pleasant: "It was nice to be able to get together after the summer. We were able to get to know the new employees and we enjoyed the last rays of sunshine! The petanque + aperitif evening allowed us to have a good time and to taste some very good tarts flambées!"

For our new recruits, Amélie, Maëlle and Alban, the observation is the same, it's an opportunity to meet and exchange with the colleagues of the agency. For Maëlle ANSTETT, Human Resources Assistant on a work-study program: "It was a convivial moment followed by a good meal. I had just joined Sully Group a few days ago and I was able to put faces to names and get to know everyone. What more could I ask for to start a new job?" 

Amélie SACCOMANDI, Conceptor-Developer on a work-study program, praises the originality of the activity: "Super original idea on the part of Sully with this pétanque evening followed by good tarts flambées, where we were able to have a good laugh and get to know each other better by mixing the teams and talking with people from the different divisions."

And Alban ISIEGAS Designer-Developer: "The petanque evening at Sully was very successful, the atmosphere was friendly and good-natured. Having only been here a few months, it was an opportunity for me to meet the team in a more informal setting. And to top it all off, very good tarts flambées!"