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CSR : Elsa presents the responsible approach of Sully Group

June 21, 2022
"Sully Group has just been awarded the EcoVadis Silver Medal, with a score that places us in the top 7% of companies in our industry."

Elsa, CSR manager at Sully Group, presents the group's CSR approach.

Portrait d'Elsa
Elsa, what is CSR?

Corporate Social Responsibility means meeting the challenges of sustainable development:

  • Social: human rights, labor relations and working conditions
  • The environment: eco-responsible and sustainable actions
  • The economy: fair practices, respect for the consumer, local development.
Is CSR important for Sully Group?

If our group is still here after more than 40 years, it is because it was built on sustainable social and economic values: respect for people and their rights, listening, team spirit, promotion of initiative, sharing of responsibilities, etc. 

On the environment, it is more recent: the digital sector is becoming aware that its impact is increasingly important. We know that this is fundamental for our teams, and we want to be exemplary in terms of responsible digital technology. Our role is also to support and raise awareness among our customers about eco-design practices for their applications and infrastructures.

You are the CSR manager for the group. What are your missions?

I lead our CSR working group, with :

  • Olivier, our CEO, who validates our orientations;
  • Eric, our HR Director, who is in charge of social issues;
  • Jérôme, our IT manager, who ensures that our digital impact is minimized;
  • Mireille, who manages the monitoring of our indicators;
  • Nicolas, in charge of marketing and communication;
  • The CSR correspondents of our 10 agencies.

And of course, we want to involve all our employees in our actions, and eventually all our partners.

What were your last actions?

We have put in place an action plan based on 3 axes:

  • Adopt mature governance and organizational models. Our working group meets regularly to set up an organization and tools around the ISO 26000 standard.
  • Evaluate and improve our actions. We are supported by EcoVadis, an organization that evaluates the CSR performance of over 85,000 companies.
  • Communicate on our commitment, internally and externally, to unite energies and good will.
Sully recently obtained a good evaluation of its CSR actions?

We are proud to have been awarded the EcoVadis Silver Medal with a score that places us in the top 9% of the 85,000 companies evaluated, and the top 7% of companies in our sector.

EcoVadis evaluates CSR on 4 major themes:

  • Environment, for which we obtained a score of 70/100
  • Social and human rights (70/100)
  • Ethics (60/100)
  • Responsible purchasing (50/100)

The organization has identified 19 strengths and 5 points of improvement on which we will be able to work.

What are our goals for the future?

Our goal is to progress. We will continue to work to improve our organization and our actions, based on EcoVadis' recommendations.

We also want to highlight our expertise in digital eco-design to our customers, as we are convinced that this is a major issue for digital. We bring responsible solutions on the whole digital chain: