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Good pick for Nantes!

Agency Life
December 5, 2022
Our Sully employees from Nantes smiling during a party

On Thursday, December 1st, our employees from the Nantes agency met for their second agency party.

On the agenda: a round table discussion, presentation of the company, the organization, the areas of expertise... in the Pioche cooperative games bar.

Then it was time to test the different cooperative game rooms. Mutual aid, benevolence and collaboration were the order of the day! Our Sully players tried out the 3 rooms:

  • Imbalance room: organize yourself to press on the lights that light up in the whole room
  • Corpore Sano room : you have to find the right balance
  • Night Flight Room : plunged into the dark, you have to communicate to find a maximum of duplicate objectsAn "original and successful" evening for Alban BAUMARD, PHP developer: "The bar that welcomed us has a concept of themed rooms and we enhanced it with a little competition between colleagues that we won by far of course, with Sébastien, Pauline, Tanguy, Dimitri and Pierre!

For Veronika BLANC, Product Owner, it was a real "moment of sharing": "Thanks to the games proposed, we spent an evening in a crazy atmosphere. This kind of evening helps us build trust within the company.

Yann FALCON, Senior Java Developer, appreciated the organization of the evening in two parts: "It was an opportunity to review the first year of Sully in Nantes in a relaxed atmosphere. In addition, we benefited from a vision at the company level. The more playful part was appreciated by everyone. It allowed us to make our heads and legs work!"