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Manage FranceAgriMer applications.

December 1, 2021
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"FranceAgriMer's organization is quite flexible, when a particular point is brought up in the monitoring committee, decisions are made quickly and allow us to be reactive on our projects."

Interview with Eric, Operations Manager

Eric, what does Sully Group do for FranceAgriMer?

We have been accompanying FranceAgriMer since 2017. The main missions of this establishment of the Ministry of Agriculture are the support, promotion and financing of actions for the development of the agricultural sector.

In 2021, we are proud to have renewed our contract and to have won a second lot. The first lot relates to multi-application third-party maintenance in the socio-economic field and the second, which deals with applications and transversal bricks, in particular the management of their new technical base under SpringBoot/Angular.

In total, we manage about 40 applications and 16 infocenters, mainly in JAVA, BO/Talend, Powerbuilder, PHP.

What does the current health situation change in our collaboration?

Initially, our teams were divided into two sites: in the FranceAgriMer offices in Paris and in our Lyon service center. This innovative organization for them has been built and consolidated over the years.

Today, 100% of our employees are in the Service Center thanks to the relationship of trust and transparency established with FranceAgriMer. This transition was possible thanks to the setting up of a secure site in our premises.

The COVID crisis did not shake up our habits, because our operating methods were already in place, fluid and secure.

What kind of client is FranceAgriMer?

FranceAgriMer is a demanding client, but one of their main qualities is their reactivity. We can count on their flexibility and their decisions at key moments, which pushes the project upwards.

What are our common goals?

This market is very heterogeneous functionally and technically, there is no routine.  FranceAgriMer's aim is to gradually switch its applications to modern technologies, to prevent obsolescence and better anticipate the future of its IS.

The institution is adapting to meet the current needs of users and developing its new solutions accordingly. For example, the development of the VisioCapture web and mobile application (fishing catch declaration).

Within the framework of our missions, we also ensure a technological watch via our technical cell, as well as a continuous improvement and integration approach, to maintain our quality of service.

And what do Sully's collaborators think?

This project has nourished and stimulated our teams in a very positive way through its diversity and dynamism.

In total, we mobilized a team of 20 to 25 people, who evolved at the same time as the project.

A developer has become project manager, a trainee has become application manager and one of the application managers has become operational market manager. Through our missions for FranceAgriMer, we ensure the increase in skills of our resources, and this is a precious asset.