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Discovering the world of work at Sully Group

December 15, 2021
A young man working with a computer
Rémi, 3rd year intern

At the end of December, the Aix-Marseille branch had the pleasure of welcoming Rémi for his company discovery internship. The ninth-grader agreed to give us his feedback on the few days he spent with our employees in Aix. Valérie RETTMEYER has collected these words.

Remi, can you tell me more about yourself?

Rémi, soon to be 15, I like technology, video games, anime, manga and novels. I do judo (5/6 hours a week when the health situation allows it) and I am in a sport class.

What interests you in computer science?

Computer science has always fascinated me, I find it incredible that applications are created with lines of code. Rather curious, I wanted to know how it worked. I got my first computer in 6th grade, I tried to code alone. I didn't succeed and with some friends we started. For my internship, I wanted to see how things worked and I came to Sully.

Can you tell me what you did during your internship?

I started by talking to all the employees to find out what they do. I had access to a computer and Thomas sent me some introductory CSS exercises. I have to do an internship report, and I want to get a good grade, so I thought about how to differentiate myself and use what I saw during the week. So I decided to code my internship report to start learning!

How did you do it?

I know HTML, CSS not at all. Thomas sent me some documents to help me. I tried to go on my own and when I got stuck, I asked for help. Violaine, Alexandre, Loïc and Thomas guided me.

What do you remember?

The good atmosphere in the agency. I liked the lunchtimes to talk and we had a good laugh! Oh yes, I liked to have a hot chocolate in the morning!

The final word?

I didn't think you could have so much fun while working in a company!