To ensure that your applications are always available, we offer 2 complementary and scalable services:
  • 4 levels of customized managed services: supervision, operation, administration, expertise...
  • 2 scalable hosting offers: dedicated cloud, based on our OVHcloud Advanced Partner, and shared cloud, within our Private Cloud.

4 levels of customized managed services

  • N1 • Operations

    • Set up default probes (CPU, RAM, Disk, OS, VM, URL)
    • Automatic redirection of alerts to the client
  • N1 • Exploitation

    • N0 included
    • Implementation of specific probes (applications, services...)
    • Maintenance in operational condition of the customer infrastructure
    • Incident management on procedure sheet, escalation, follow-up
  • N2 • Management

    • N0 and N1 included
    • Management of incidents
    • Creation of procedure sheets for the N1
    • Management of applications (security patches, version upgrades...)
    • Management of requests


  • N3 • Expertise

    • N0, N1 and N2 included
    • Technical expertise on incidents, escalation and relationship with editors
    • Change and problem management

2 scalable hosting offers

  • Dedicated Cloud

    • Based on OVHcloud's core offerings
    • From physical server to public cloud
  • Shared Cloud

    • Based on the Sully Group Private Cloud
    • Dedicated environments within our Private Cloud

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supervised applications
in 4,000 servers
in 168 countries
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Responsible for the Cloud Ops offer